Elfsquad CPQ

Elfsquad is a cloud based standard system for CPQ (Configure Price Quote). The system makes it possible for sellers to configure complex products, calculate prices and create quotations, based on a set of rules that you can easily maintain.

We help you with education and implementation. Read more on elfsquad.io

  • Visual configuration

    Elfsquad makes it easy to add product information like images, videos, pdf-files, descriptions. Management of translations is built in.

    The system has many ways of managing 3D-configuration, including integration with DynaMaker.

  • Powerful rule engine

    Hantera själv ert produktregelverk med hjälp av det inbyggda verktyget.

    • Definiera produktegenskaper
    • Villkor för produktval
    • Formler för beräkningar
  • Public showroom

    Deploy your configurator publically via the function Showroom. Anyone can access it an send you a request.

  • Automatic price calculation

    Prices can be calculated dynamically via a set of rules that you can manage via the admin panel.

  • Create unique quotations

    Create your own templates for quotes. Unique quote documents will then be created for each configuration.

  • Manage the sales organisation

    Users can be connected to different sales companies. Sales rules can be added so each seller has their unique set of products, features and prices.

  • API first

    All data used by the systems user interface can also be used via API, which enables integrations.

    Use webhooks for communicating with other systems.

  • No installations

    The program is a cloud service, no installations required.