RuleDesigner Configurator

RuleDesigner Configurator is a tool for building IT solutions that reflect the companies processes. Without requiring large changes in you current IT environment.

  • Automate processes

    With the systems Low Code Editor you can create processes for automation. The processes can be run both in stand alone workstations and in a server environment.

  • Browser interfaces

    User interface for the browser can be added to support the processes when there is a need for entering data or for visualization.

  • 3D configuration

    RuleDesigner Configurator has built in functions for 3D-configuration, but can also be integrated with DynaMaker.

  • Scalability

    What starts in a workstation can easily be moved to a server and be accessible to more users.

    If the program is installed on a server, the processes can be accessed directly via browser, without client installations.

  • Built in integrations

    The system has many built in integrations.

    CAD: Solidworks, Solid Edge, Inventor, NX

    Office: Word, Excel




    ERP: Monitor ERP

  • Build your own integrations

    When needed, customized integrations can be developed (.net applications) and added to RuleDesigner Configurator.

    Combine with DynaMaker