DynaMaker – Visual configuration

DynaMaker is a cloud service that leverages selling customized products online.

DynaMaker is built for the web and is easily integrated in customer portals, CPQ, web shops or other product configurators. Let the customers and sales people configure their products in the browser to save time.

The configurator works with both 2D and 3D and the visualized product changes as the user changes the features.

We help with development and implementation of your configurator.

  • Visual configuration

    Save time by letting the customer do the work. DynaMaker has guided visual configuration. That means that the customer can do selections while the configurator prevents errors. The customer can se the product change in real time.

  • Tool for lead generation

    Create leads by letting the customer configure their product directly. When the customer is done they can download a drawing or send the configuration to sales or a portal.

  • Short time to release

    DynaMaker is a cloud based system and can be set up quickly. Getting started with selling customized products online made easy.

  • Create sales CAD

    DynaMaker automatically exports required documents: BOM lists, quote drawings, BIM, CAD.

  • Easy to integrate

    DynaMaker can easily be integrated with other systems as webpages, customer portal, CPQ, webshop and other product configurators. There is also a number of built in integrations.

  • No installations

    The program is a cloud service, no installations required.