Vi är proffs på konfigurering

Why KonfigDesign?

Our mission...

… is to help companies be more competitive and create a challenging work environment for the staff.

We want to give your sellers greater freedom in selling and still give you more control over your product rules.

We want you to harness your co-workers creativity by automating repetitive tasks. Then you can focus on development!

We deliver...

… customized product configurators to facilitate sales and design work.

A configurator contributes with values such as:

  • Shorter quote lead time
  • Increased number of offers
  • Increased quality of quotes -> higher hit rate
  • Shorter time to produce documentation for orders.
  • Better quality of order documentation – > reduction of problems in production
  • Opportunity for growth without increasing staff needs
  • Knowledge moves from individuals to the company
  • Shorter time for new employees to get started

Our target group is...

… primarily manufacturing companies with products that can be customized for each customer.

How can we help you?

We help to automate product configuration processes, including product customization via the web, 3D visualization, design automation, unique quotes, integration with ERP systems.

It can be difficult to know where to start and how to proceed. And what will it cost? Our proven approach means that we help you from the very first step, identifying your needs.

Let’s start with a Kickstart, where we create a plan for your journey together!

What we sell

We offer software for configuration and we also help with mapping, specification of requirements and implementation.

We are resellers and partners for modern platforms that are specialized in configuration.

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