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We are configuration

We build customized product configurators to facilitate sales and design work.

Why KonfigDesign?

Our mission is to help companies strengthen their competitiveness and create a more fulfilling work environment for their staff.

Our target audience is mainly manufacturing companies selling products that can be customized for each customer’s needs.

We want to give your sellers greater freedom in selling and still give you more control over your product rules.

We want you to harness your co-workers creativity by automating repetitive tasks. Then you can focus on development!

How can we help you?

We help to automate product configuration processes, including product customization via the web, 3D visualization, design automation, unique quotes, integration with ERP systems.

It can be difficult to know where to start and how to proceed. And what will it cost? Our proven approach means that we help you from the very first step, identifying your needs.

Let’s start with a Kickstart, where we create a plan for your journey together!

What we sell

We offer software for configuration and we also help with mapping, specification of requirements and implementation.

We are resellers and partners for modern platforms that are specialized in configuration.

Design your own glass wall or glass door - Roca

RuleDesigner Configurator

– Sales and product configuration
– Automation of CAD, documents
– Integrate with ERP

Elfsquad CPQ

– Create quotes quickly
– For the entire sales organization
– Manage product rules easily


– 3D visualization in browser
– Create drawings 3D documents
– Integrate with existing web

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    Save time – Earn money!

    What would it be worth to always be able to give the customer a quote within minutes. With attached 3D models and other product documents. Without involving a single employee?

    For us, a configurator is the overall IT support needed for all the tasks that arise when you need to customize a product. We deliver software and implement such solutions.

    Contact us to find out more about how we can help and streamline your work.