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Elf Squad

Elfsquad is a cloud-based system for CPQ (Configure Price Quote).

The system enables sellers to configure complex products, calculate prices and create quotes, all based on a framework that you can easily maintain yourself.

Elfsquad is built to allow you to maintain your product rules, prices and document templates yourself using the associated administration panel.

At the same time, modern technology for integration via APIs makes the system highly customizable for those who need it.

How we implement Elfsquad


  • Elfsquad Proof of Value, see elfsquad.io. This means that you will receive a condensed training on the system, so that you can test and evaluate your most important functional needs.


  • Training your users
  • Step-by-step implementation supported by KonfigDesign and Elfsquad
  • Development of integrations where necessary

Features and functions