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A first step together

The aim of Kickstart is to get started by taking a first step together, for a limited time, at a fixed cost.

During the kick-off, we will discuss in more detail what would be included in a project for you, and how it can be broken down into distinct steps. We can then create a business proposal for:

– What license fees you need to pay and when.
– How much time and money in terms of consultant hours is needed and when.
– When we can start and what steps to take.

The activities of a Kickstart vary depending on the most likely system choices and the scope of the solution. Before booking a Kickstart, we will jointly identify suitable activities.

Process mapping

It can be very valuable to start with a process mapping to find out where you can benefit most from a configurator.

During this activity, we will conduct workshops to go through your process, for example, during a request for proposal. What activities are done and by whom? How long does each step take and what systems are used?

How could you work in a new way and how much would it be worth in terms of shorter lead times, freed up staff time, increased sales, improved quotes, etc.

The answers form the basis of what a project to introduce configuration could look like. How can you achieve value as early as possible and then build on it step by step?

Defining product rules

Configuring a product is always based on a set of rules. For example, regulations govern:

– What choices should be available and in what order?
– What are the different options for each choice?
– Some choices may exclude or incude other choices
– Some product characteristics may need to be calculated dynamically

During this activity, we conduct workshops to document your regulatory framework into a so-called configurator matrix. In the next step, we can use it as a basis for developing a configurator.

Prototype sketches

In case we need to develop a more customized configurator, for example using the RuleDesigner Configurator, it may be helpful to draw up sketches of what your configurator could look like. What steps do you want to go through, what should the user interface look like.

It provides a common understanding of what the solution will actually look like and often leads to good discussions and consensus.

Prototype development

In some cases, the Kickstart usually includes that we develop a limited pilot/prototype in DynaMaker or RuleDesigner, depending on which system is relevant to you. It is good for that:

– Demonstrate that the solution will work for your needs.
– Give you the opportunity to demonstrate a proposed solution within your company or to your customers

Elfsquad Proof of Value

In an Elfsquad implementation, the Kickstart always includes a Proof of Value activity.

This means that we will conduct at least two full days of workshops where you get to learn how the system works in general and can enter real data to verify that the system can solve your needs.

For a limited period of time, you have full access to the system to evaluate it.

Start today!

Start your work on developing a requirements specification as soon as possible. Contact us and we will be happy to send you our working model to develop information for a requirements specification.