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Why KonfigDesign?

Joy, trust and professionalism

They are our guiding principles for building long-term customer relationships characterized by trust.

Those who treat others with joy often get it back. Those who are greeted with joy spread it to others. We believe that joy is a prerequisite for working together!

We want to be a long-term partner to our customers, from the first step when a configurator solution is planned to when it needs to be scaled up and when it needs to be maintained. Trust is the key to a long-term relationship. Key building blocks for building trust:

  • Responsiveness, understanding and adaptability
  • Transparency
  • Responsibility
  • Accessibility
  • Integrity

We are specialists in a niche that is highly characterized by technical solutions in IT. Professionalism for us is to be up-to-date and competent in the tools available, so that we can help our customers make the best use of technology.

Our mission

We want to help industrial companies strengthen their competitiveness and create a more fulfilling work environment for their staff.

We want to give your sellers greater freedom in selling and still give you more control over your product rules.

We want you to harness your co-workers creativity by automating repetitive tasks. Then you can focus on development!

By working with configuration, a large part of recurring quotation and order-related tasks can be automated, freeing up time for product development, for example.

Our target audience

We mainly target manufacturing companies in Sweden. Mainly companies with their own products and the need to customize products according to customers’ wishes.

Our approach

In addition to coaching and advising, we also implement systems.

We believe in working with platforms that can be customized to our customers’ needs. As opposed to developing your own programs from scratch or working with pure standard systems.

We currently work closely with the RuleDesigner, DynaMaker and Elfsquad system platforms.

The platforms make it possible to get started quickly on a small scale, without long development times, to later scale up to larger solutions as the need grows. They also reduce the need for in-house maintenance of the systems compared to proprietary systems.

Impact we deliver to our customers

  • Increased profitability

  • Shorter lead times for quotes

  • More and better quotes -> more sales
  • Fewer errors, reduced error costs
  • Time freed up for staff
  • Reduced material costs
  • Knowledge about products is digitized and reused.

We like entrepreneurship

We believe in the power of small businesses, often run by entrepreneurs.

We have chosen to get involved on a voluntary basis by joining the board of Företagarna i Hudiksvall. Within Företagarna they work with, among other things:

  • Development for a better business environment
  • Networking
  • Political influence

Here is a picture from one of the popular entrepreneurial lunches in Hudiksvall, which are organized regularly by Företagarna, Teknikföretagen and the municipality’s business unit.

We want more engineering students

Since 2023, we have participated in Trossen in Hudiksvall, which means that we are a sponsor company for a secondary school class from grades 7-9.

Over a three-year period, we get to know each other through, for example, study visits. We want to inspire as many people as possible to take an interest in technical education and the engineering profession.

Here is a picture from a study visit to us where the class was challenged in teamwork and communication in the form of a LEGO building competition.