internet port

Tomas Gerhardsson, Internetport and Andreas B Hallberg, KonfigDesign

KonfigDesign is partnering with Internetport to easily offer secure and affordable operation for its software. Internetport offers professional operation and communication services throughout Sweden.

“Thanks to this collaboration, we can deliver RuleDesigner Fusion, a system for digitizing and automating sales and design processes, in a faster and easier way. The virtualized server solution means that we can take a virtually pre-installed web-based system with us on our first visit to the customer,” says Andreas B Hallberg, CEO of KonfigDesign.

A virtual server is not tied to the hardware in the same way as a traditional server. Copies of a previously configured server can be quickly created, minimizing installation time and significantly reducing costs. The solution also means that performance can be increased retrospectively as the need arises.

“It’s great for us to be able to help a local company that we believe has great potential to grow in the coming years,” says Tomas Gerhardsson, Sales Manager at Internetport.

RuleDesigner Fusion is a modular software with features for:

  • Product and sales configuration
  • Automation of 3D CAD
  • MDP
  • MPC
  • CRM
  • Spare parts management
  • Project management
  • Document management

The program is developed by Italian Engineering PLM Solutions.