We continue our work to help businesses create the conditions for digitalization. This week, we were invited to Umeå to meet with several manufacturing companies and talk about what we can contribute. It’s great to get out and meet so many curious people.

Digitization has been high on the agenda at the highest level for several years, both in Sweden and in many other countries. Now it is starting to be noticed that it is on the agenda of companies as well. What this actually means for each individual remains to be seen by many, and it could mean major changes in their operations. Important for everyone is that:

  • Keeping up with developments and being adaptable
  • Freeing up skills for development by removing manual, repetitive work
  • Harnessing and systematizing employee knowledge
  • Retaining staff through challenging tasks
  • Get good at customization

KonfigDesign’s focus is primarily on helping with automation in sales and design flows, thereby both freeing up resources and becoming better at selling customized products. Some things we like to talk about are:

  • What can be done to link the different IT systems used today? PLM, ERP, CAD, CRM, Office etc.
  • What is a configurator?
  • How do you go about making a product configurable?